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TrueFeel - Weather App


Weather apps in general only show numbers that represent wind, pressure, humidity etc. but have you ever wondered how these numbers affect your body or how it will make you feel ? well, TrueFeel was born to tackle that.TrueFeel is a new app that shows the true feel of the weather in readable meaningful words rather than only listing the weather data in numbers.
Features:- True Feel has the ability to process weather data in the background and then shows readable and meaningful phrases to you.- Informative widgets.- True Feel gives you the option to save up to 5 cities or locations.- True Feel show the weather for the next 7 days.- True Feel shows you all weather conditions in one single screen.- True Feel has a fresh flat UI that has the spirit of the material design.- If you are a traveler, True Feel gives you the option to check the weather of any city quickly without even saving it.
This is not the end. More features will be added in the near future. :)